Virtual Work Experience

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Creating virtual interactive encounters for young people with the world of work

Our evidence also shows that it helps broaden horizons and raise aspirations and challenges the stereotypical views that can be formed at an early age about people and the jobs they do based on their gender, ethnicity and social background.

we have pioneered virtual interactive ways to enable children and young people to connect with volunteers from the world of work across all different backgrounds and sectors. 

The sessions aim to motivate and inspire students to see the value in their school subjects, challenge stereotypes and raise their aspirations. Accompanied by polls and with Q&As as a major element of the activities, the sessions ensure an interactive and engaging learning experience. It enables young people to ask direct questions of the role models in real time and get their response.

We have created videos to demonstrate how virtual activities work.

law and politics

medicine work experience guide

On this page we going to list all the opportunities for virtual work experience. These will help you get an Idea of what the world of work is like and give you a flavour of what it might be like to work in your dream career. We will try and update this regularly so you have the latest opportunities. All virtual work experience undertaken will count towards you pledges in years 7,8 and 9 so make sure you record it!

All of these experiences are FREE and can be done from you home using you phone, tablet or laptop.

freeformers virtual work experience

Speakers for Schools is proud to announce the launch of the Speakers for Schools Virtual Work Experience (VWEX) programme. To address the need for high quality work experience, in communities which often have a disconnect between the aspirations of young people, and the presence of outstanding employers.

VWEX’ing will expand their current on-site work experience programme to level the playing field for all. VWEX programme is the first of its kind in the UK and enables employers to solve key problems in their business while delivering meaningful and structured work experience to more young people wherever they reside.

Virtual work experience for those interested in applying to medical school

This course provides a 'virtual' work experience for those looking to apply to medical school. You will be introduced to the NHS before exploring the roles and skill sets of six different medical specialists. Along the way, you will also consider some of the challenges and wider issues doctors face

virtual work experience - all about law

Gain an insight into the fast-paced work of our lawyers and trainees by enrolling in our virtual work experience programme

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the mullany fund - virtual work experience in


veterinary science

Veterinary Clinical Researcher


Marine Biology

Research Scientist

Forensic Science

Research Science

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digital work experience

virtual work experience - white & Case LLP

Gain an insight into the fast-paced work of our lawyers and trainees by enrolling in our virtual work experience programme

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medical work experience

observe a GP, ALTERNATIVE work experience for aspiring medics

Observe GP is supported by the Medical Schools Council as a suitable element of relevant experience to help prepare an application to medical school.

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virtual work experience - theatre

are you a civil ENGINEER of THE future?

british airways