Our Mission

Our mission is to embed careers into the curriculum so that they are on everyone’s agenda from Year 7 onwards. Students should have a clear goal and work towards that goal, regularly participating in events to help them progress towards achieving it. Staff will be committed to providing opportunities to explore careers within their subject specialisms throughout the academic year and will encourage students to build up a portfolio to use for work experience, college applications and future employment. As a result, our students will leave the Colne work-ready with the tools and understanding they need to move forward in their professional lives.

The impact of our careers programme is measured through the annual NEET figures and through regular student/staff/parent voice. Changes will then be made to ensure that all parties feel that the careers programme is effective for the student needs and to ensure that the Gatsby Benchmarks are being met. All elements of the careers programme are reviewed annually and adapted accordingly.

For more information on student careers please contact:

Miss Laura Weaver

[email protected]

01206 303511

To view videos and get the best out of the Colne careers hub, please use google chrome and log into your google account.

"The best way to predict your future is to create it"